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Dear Colleagues,

The online question bank is composed of questions created by the faculty of the William M. Steinberg Board Review in Gastroenterology having no knowledge of the ABIM actual questions.

The question bank has been updated as of late 2018 and references have been added to the great majority of questions. Older references are kept if the faculty thinks they are seminal articles.

You will note that exams are either in 60, 30 or 15 question blocks. The 60 question block is meant to mimic the length of an ABIM 60 question block (about 2 hours). 30 question blocks should take about an hour and 15 minute blocks about 30 minutes to complete.

Most exams are a mix of all organs of the GI tract but some exams may emphasize one organ or another (e.g. liver or colon).

You can create your own exams if you wish (e.g. all liver questions or all colon questions). Go here to create your own custom exam.

The "Photo Unknown" exams at the bottom of the list of exams emphasize photographs of pathology, radiology, endoscopy, manometry, skin and eye findings and were once exhibited on poster boards at the live course . If you would like to contribute any great classical photos from your own collections, we would be greatly appreciative (as long as there are no copyright restrictions).

The exams entitled "Identification of Liver Biopsies" and "Identification of Alimentary Biopsies" are paired with 2 lectures in our archived section of the website which go into much more detail on these topics.

If you find any question confusing or incorrect or if you find a duplicate question please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification (email info@gastroenterologyboardreview.com). Please indicate which exam and which question number and be specific about your comments. Please contact us about any way to improve this question bank to suit your needs.

We are in the process of creating exams for CME/MOC credit. Stay tuned for this development in 2019.

William Steinberg, M.D.